Who Is Guy-o?

Who am I?  Just a regular guy, if you define a regular guy as someone with a keen curiosity about life, a love of the written word, a penchant for alcohol, and a fondness for firearms.  Wait; that was Hunter Thompson.  No, I’m afraid I’m no Hunter Thompson, but I am very fond of the opening line in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas–and that comma-separated list happens to be a list of brand attributes that are mine as well as Dr. Thompson’s.

So to the point, I’m a writer; essentially, a nobody and I have been told so in no uncertain terms by people who refuse to publish my work.  Sorry.  Sometimes the bitterness catches me by surprise.  Enter the Internet.  Like Reality TV,  the Internet can turn nobodies like Snooki, and John and Kate, into somebodies like–uhm Snooki, and John and Kate.  Funny; they don’t look any different.  Actually, I have it on good authority that Kate has had work, and so I guess she does look a little different.

Where was I?  Ah yes; I was hatching a plan to become a somebody.  Once when I was discussing my aspiration of becoming a successful writer (successful being the operative word), I was asked by a friend how I defined successful. “Would you, for example, rather be rich or famous?”  The honest answer is I would prefer complete anonymity–but apparently these days you have to be famous before you can be rich.  So this blogspot is my attempt at becoming somebody, or at least to be recognized by publishers as a somebody they are willing to talk to.

So let’s just see what can be accomplished.



One response to “Who Is Guy-o?

  1. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
    Good advice from the good Doctor.

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