Buy My Book

Greetings.  How nice of you to take a moment out of your busy day to stop by.

I can divine only two possibilities that brought you here:

A) You finally took the bait after months of furious internal debate regarding the wisdom of making the $.99 investment in exchange for a copy of my book.  Curiosity being what it is, you finally decided to silence the arguing voices reminiscent of the 2012 Republican Presidential debate series, which has finally ended—a fact for which I am eternally grateful.

B). You’re seeing this page for the first time and you’re only now aware that I even have a book to sell.

If you are in group A, “buy the ticket, take the ride.”

If you’re in group B, you are no-doubt on the fence.  Like a child holding tightly to the weekly allowance your father just handed you accompanied by the cliched, parental exhortation “Don’t spend it all in one place.”, you are wondering whether this is a purchase worthy of the $.99 you earned by trading 60 seconds of your time at a job you no-doubt hate.  Allow me to give you the gentle nudge you need.

If you’re a man, you want to read it because it will make you laugh.  That’s because it’s about every relationship you’ve ever had.  Just think of it as a book of bar-room stories told by your best friend over a beer or ten.

If you’re a woman and are brave and ambitious enough to crack the cover, you will hate me by the end of chapter two but will be utterly smitten with me by chapter ten. You should think of this book as a challenge—a challenge to take a hard look at the way a guy really thinks.  It’s at once infuriating and endearing; at least that’s what the women who have read it tell me.

Although this book is ultimately about relationships, it contains no new or Earth-shattering information.  If your relationship is broken, nothing in this book will repair it.  However, it does provide perspective; the perspective of that significant person in your life who, at times, underscores your certainty that you cannot both be members of the same species.  Give it a shot; it’s not exactly a major investment and you just might enjoy the ride.

Buy it now.



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